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Saize Capital was co-founded by Mr. Fang Gang and Mr. Zhu Min in 2015, and is a pure RMB fund management institution rooted in China. Saize Capital initiated the establishment of Shandong Lesai Fund and Henan Saiqi Fund with the National Development and Reform Commission, Shandong Provincial Department of Finance, and Henan Provincial Department of Finance, respectively. It is also one of the main participants in China's National Emerging Venture Capital Plan.
  • Management scale
  • Absolute holding subsidiary
  • Managed fund
  • Invested project
Saize has a strong industry analysis capability and produces over 20 internal industry research reports each year. This helps us to more accurately anticipate and judge the future trends of the industries we invest in or will invest in. It also helps us to venture outside of our office and seek out more excellent companies, to meet the future.